Saturday, September 11, 2021

Constitutional Law

Remembering 27 June

The attack at a ZANU PF rally in Bulawayo this weekend is a big strain on an election campaign that has otherwise been peaceful...

BSR: A brief history of judicial capture in Zimbabwe

Last week, most Zimbabweans watched in awe as the Constitutional Court of South Africa delivered a seminal judgment on executive and parliamentary accountability. In...

BSR- ED’s first 100 Days: Preach change but be slow to change

At the beginning of the year, presidential spokesperson George Charamba gave an interview to ZiFM radio station. The content and purpose of that interview...


BSR: Mugabe – the curse of one last shot at the title?

Politicians, like boxers, don’t seem to know when to call it quits. They are always hunting for that one last moment of glory, however...

BSR: Is it Mnangagwa’s to lose?

In two interviews this week with the Financial Times and Bloomberg, Zimbabwe’s new leader, President Mnangagwa has promised elections will be “in 4-5 months’...

Bikita West by-election and “the discovery of ignorance”

So here we go again. An election has been held in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF has prevailed. No, it hasn’t just prevailed, it has practically pummelled...

Rule of Law

BSR: Racing for the title in Zimbabwe

Political temperatures have risen after the recent proclamation of the election date. 30 July 2018 is the day when the title is decided. It...

BSR: implications of changes to the security sector

There have been important changes to the security sector and government, demonstrating yet another chapter in this season of major political developments in Zimbabwe....

BSR: Citizens’ movement and the resurgence of the repressive state in Zimbabwe

A young man is dragged out of his room, his pair of trousers half done, without shoes. He tries desperately to pull up his...

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