Sunday, December 5, 2021

Constitutional Law

Manual on citizenship rights in Zimbabwe

Citizenship is one of the most important rights in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It’s about belonging, identity and access to rights, benefits and privileges....

BSR: Presidential Amnesty & Impunity in Zimbabwe

The Midlands Hotel, an imposing structure at the heart of Gweru, is arguable the Midlands city’s most iconic building and, countrywide, it certainly punches...

Legal note on the arrest of Evan Mawarire

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested Pastor Evan Mawarire, the man behind the #ThisFlag citizens’ movement which has been expressing citizens’ concerns over matters of...


Power and Ideas: Peering behind the veil of Command Agriculture

Politics without ideas? A charge is often made against Zimbabwean politics that it is bereft of ideas and is instead obsessed only with personalities. So...

BSR: Critical analysis of Mnangagwa’s Commission of Inquiry

President Mnangagwa has appointed a Commission of Inquiry in terms of the Commissions of Inquiry Act (Chapter 10.07). The commission was prompted by the unlawful...

BSR: The death of Robert Mugabe

I have been battling myself for much of the day. I did not feel anything when the news arrived. I was not sad. But...

Rule of Law

BSR: presidential impeachment in Zimbabwe

Now that ZANU PF has resolved to commence impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe, it is important to examine this constitutional process. There is...

Tribute to Winnie Mandela

I was too young to have any significant memories of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. But in the 1980s, I was old enough to...

Kereke, Tomana and the cost of political patronage

On 11 July 2016, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke, the ZANU PF MP for Bikita West constituency, was found guilty of raping a minor child, who was...

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