Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Constitutional Law

Comment on the Supreme Court decision on judicial appointments

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe has today made an important ruling allowing the Judicial Services Commission’s appeal against a High Court decision which sought...

Tinkering with the Constitution for parochial interests

Barely four years after it was adopted by an overwhelming majority (94.5%) at the 2013 referendum, the government is already proposing amendments to the...

BSR – Gumbo and Conflicts of Interest

The scandalous matter involving a Zimbabwean Cabinet Minister Joram Gumbo, as reported in The Herald presents a classic case of conflicts of interest which...


BSR: The Opposition’s “Annus Horribilis”

A horrible year Twenty-eight years ago, Queen Elizabeth II famously described 1992 as an “annus horribilis”. It is a Latin phrase which translates to a...

BSR Supplement: No more water for water-carrier

Bulawayo is affectionately known as the City of Kings. In more recent times, the moniker has become more expansive in tune with the changing...

BSR: Mnangagwa at Davos – A review

Earlier this week, the BSR considered Mnangagwa’s trip to Davos, where he was to attend his first Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum....

Rule of Law

BSR: Mnangagwa’s list of bad boys – all bark and no bite?

After taking power, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced an amnesty for the return of funds which had been transferred outside the country. Those who would...

BSR: Understanding our system of government

The purpose of this BSR is to contribute to the body of knowledge on the duties and responsibilities of elected representatives at national, provincial...

BSR: The Tenth Province

1922 On 27 October 1922, voters in Southern Rhodesia participated in a referendum. They had two choices: to establish self-government or to join the Union...

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