About the Big Saturday Read

The Big Saturday Read is a platform designed to critically examine legal and political matters pertaining to Zimbabwe, Africa and the world in general. We leave the breaking of news to experts; our specialty is to critically dissect and make the news make sense to everyone. We strive to simplify issues by using accessible language and writing techniques. We read between the lines, we identify the omissions in the news and we debunk the myths that are propagated to mislead and misinform the public.

The BSR is a place for thoughtful ideation and discourse. It seeks to inform and to provoke thoughtful engagement among citizens. Above all, we believe that an open and democratic society is strengthened when citizens have greater access to information; when they are more informed so that they can make informed choices.

Our values are as embedded in the Constitution of Zimbabwe and other progressive constitutions of the world: openness, transparency, accountability, equality, diversity, respect and pluralism. We believe every voice matters and that we must always remain vigilant to prevent a tyranny of the majority.